So finally I have a new post to put up. As you can see on the side I have new blog rolls. What a night mare that is to find all of those links. I have several hits on Google and finding me is not that hard if you put me in the search engine, any search engine. I am there. It is more about organizing and making sure all your work is seen.

Also, I noticed my domination has come into play as well in the search engine, so what am I supposed to do? Hide, never. It is a part of my life, I am very proud of it and I will not hide what I am in nature. That would be like a former roomie of mine, who is a slave trying to be a Domme. It will never work, eventually you get thrown out of the closet. Then you are stuck with the lies, besides the shame of the lies you created. What do you do at that point? Because then, honestly, everyone can see you are a liar and a manipulator. I would most assuredly rather be myself, then loose my honour in that manner.

I see I have a lot of work to catch up on and do at this time. I have to also adjust for my life to become more organized. This is no easy task especially if you look and see all my blogs I am going to have to keep up on and I will have a more to add as well soon enough once I start writing for other sites again.

Life is never dull to say the least, weather in NYC or Wisconsin. I will write more as I go along. Let me know you are out there and what you think. I can handle it. Also, yeah, I will be posting that lovely donation button for well you guessed it, donation. Hey a girls gotta eat you know…Thanks for stopping by…