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I have a new roommate. Irony runs thick in this world and this life time. She and I are very similar in many things. From the foods we eat to our belief system. Like peas in a pod. It is a good thing, we have the same belief system. Sure, it is a fresh friendship, however, people whom are supposed to be in our lives at the right point and time always come. I truly believe that we are put into each others lives for reasons. Either to teach or to learn. We can learn from people or teach them. It is always one way or another. 

I can’t tell you how much I have learned from others. I always learn something new from everyone I run into or that is placed in my life. I am blessed that way. I also am exposed to a great many things, whether it is small blessings because they think as I do, which by “normal society” is sometimes is seen as out there I guess you could say. We don’t always walk the same walk. We are our own people, with our own mind and our own values. Sometimes those go into a different vein that what people are used to. 

For example, she and I see eye to eye on healthy food and the affects of that food. I am a living testament to foods that kill. I am a Celiac. For those whom do not know what that is, I am highly allergic to Gluten. So allergic, I have had complications that have lead to me requiring life saving care 5 times in my life. Believe me you learn very quickly how important a good diet is when technically you have been brought back to life 5 times. Now not all the times were due to the Gluten issues, however because I was misdiagnosed for 5 years, that had a great deal to do with why I got so sick. 

I finally ended up in Brooklyn in a coma, requiring to be placed on a respirator and brought back to life twice. Once in the ambulance on the way and once in the hospital. When I woke up, the nurse asked me in the sweetest voice what day it was. I said it was Thursday, she informed me it was Tuesday of the following week. Let’s just say that did not sit well, the next shocker was I was paralyzed from the waist down. Besides the Celiac disease, I also had contracted GBS along the way. Once I realized I was paralyzed, my comment, in a very loud, disgruntled voice, stated very clearly, “I am not F**king living this way.” I am able to walk today, as a matter of a fact, I walked out of that hospital 6 days later. Sure, not the most stable of walking, I still walked. 

As you can see I can go from one subject to the next with out thinking or having a complete train of thought. I write what I feel in these blogs and what I feel is needed to be said for whom ever may read it. I don’t know who might reply, who might read, who might be touched as my roommate has touched me in the last 24 hours. When you let go and you let that higher power come in, he will place the right people in your life to touch you or to be touched. That human connection. That connection period. In my previous blog I spoke of the negative people I had to remove and now a very positive person has come into my life. I am truly blessed. That is just one person mind you, 

There are many who have come into my life as of late. In the last 3 months since getting out in February, I have been blessed with so many people I can not even begin to thank them except to bring them into my blog world and write about what they and have done and the potential they may have to help those out there. 

Welcome to my new follower, Jaroslaw. Take a minute and go visit his site. He has a lot of good information out there. I can’t thank you enough for your support. Well that is all for today, hopefully the blog was not to crazy to follow. Take care and don’t forget your towel.