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As of late I have been watching a lot of different shows that were from yesterday. Right now it is 2001:A Space Odyssey. This movie was made in 2968 and when you watch it, it is scary to see what the creators saw for the future. In a lot of ways it is as if they transported themselves to our days now. Creating a space age movie that shows what look like tablets for computer screens and also smart computers that out think us. Using the prime directive of a computer from something like I-Robot. That prime directive being, first do no harm basically. A very pagan belief.

So that makes me wonder, how far have we come as a technological society to realize that the movie makers are on to something that in some cases we should fear? The reality is, main stream media can not always tell the truth, so they use creators to tell the stories that others won’t. Sometimes it is the only way to get the story out, through fictions based off reality.

Several years ago, I saw a movie that I did not think would matter in my life today, however, ironically, I am writing a paper about the company for my critical writing course this week. Now that I am researching it, I am finding out how important that movie is. It is scary because in the movie, the people who were researching it are no longer here. Apparently they uncovered something that was not meant to be found out.

For me that is an everyday thing. I always seem to stumble upon something that puts at least my computer at risk. I can’t tell you how many computers I have lost because I refuse to shut up. When I started writing, it was a natural thing for me like breathing. When I was called into the role of journalism, I found my niche. For some reason, even as a young adult I questioned everything. Journalism just give me a reason to logically do so. I want to know why, what, who, when. For me there is always a reason. I took the red pill along time ago and have never looked back.

I want a world that is a perfect society that allows for equality and utopia, who knows if that can ever be achieved. That being said, that does not mean I don’t seek for it. That being said, I know that the chances of that are slim. I accept that, it does not mean I don’t seek and wonder can it happen? Of course maybe in time if we can look through the scope of a movie lens.

Just so my readers out there know, the story I am going to cover for my paper is on Monsanto and allergies. See I was not always a Celiac. Something in my body changed. I want to know why. I suppose after you die 5 times, you question things like that. Or at least you should.

Also, I have seen farm lands affected by Monsanto’s generosity of soy beans to help struggling farmers.  Sure they gave them the beans and bought them back at a fair market value, however now the land is useless. In this case I refer back to the Art of War…”Impose your will on the enemy. Remove the enemy’s food supply. Appear at places where they must hasten to defend. Attack at places which are undefended. Be invisible and inaudible, as much as possible. Distract them by throwing something odd and unaccountable. Divide the enemy. Form a single united body. Never disclose your fighting spot as the enemy will be forced to deploy their soldiers in multiple locations. Discover the enemies’ plans and the likelihood of success. Force him to reveal themselves. Compare the opposing army with your own. Conceal your dispositions and your tactics. Vary your tactics once you have won. Strike at weak places. There are no constant conditions in war.”

( http://bookquotemonster.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/the-art-of-war-by-sun-tzu-%E5%AD%99%E5%AD%90%E5%85%B5%E6%B3%95/ )

Where does this come into my beginning comments of Space odyssey, because the reality is all fiction is based off reality when you get down to it.

Anyway, more next week. I will post my findings on Monsanto and allergies as this concludes our broadcast day…