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A note to my readers…

This is an op-ed and I am stating I am using my 1st Amendment rights as a Journalist and a writer of the Free Press with what is contained in this message.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


You may not agree with my words; that is okay. I will still defend your right to say what you need. I ask that you respect my right to say what I feel I need to. Note, the 1st Amendment also covers peaceful assembly, which is important to remember for this piece as well. It is my hope this piece will go viral and that others who are setting fires can see another way to make their voices heard.

I want to thank the many supporters who read this piece before I dropped it and their opinions and help in editing, ideas, and the little things that would have hurt the piece; MD Finley, Dr. Loobey, Tiya, Mohammed, Jordana, Jeff and those who encouraged me to move forward with this piece. I am truly blessed.

Please pass this on to who you feel would find interest and my deepest sympathies to those who have been harmed in this activity that now can never be changed in history.

As always,


Age Old Travesty in Modern Day Society…

Burn baby burn,

The trees to the ground,


The lack of sound,


Until you fall on your knees,


For life’s soliloquy.

Age old history repeated itself on the day Michael Brown died. Where justice is unjust in a cryptic society of ‘do as I say, not as I do’, stated very clearly and lived by. There is no question that in this case the miscarriage of justice has been handed down. The fact that a young man – as we the people see it – was shot and murdered by a law enforcement officer that will never pay the price in life that should be given. This man got away with murder and did it in such a public way that Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Göring would be proud. This disgusting act is an atrocity representing our legal system today.

Today’s society has more to lose than what one may think. It is one thing to know discrimination exists – it is a whole new ball game when demonstrated in full. What we lost when that young man was slaughtered – we will never truly know. His life ended too soon to say. What if his hands were to create the next self-sustaining farm or he were to find the cure for Alzheimer’s? What if he was a new peace leader? Only to be shot down in cold blood. His parents will never know the full potential of a son they raised and lost. They will only be able to remember and wonder what could have been. The ache in their hearts will never dissipate; everyday something will remind them of the possibilities never achieved. A town lost its identity to social media and national attention that went nowhere except to create anger and hatred. A murderer lost his cover – yet also will lose his freedom to an extent. He will never be able to go back out into society without a disguise – unless it is with those who revere him for his actions. The decision finally announced at 8 pm on November 24, 2014 – regardless of the findings – has lost society’s respect for the most part. Sure, some will agree with the decision – maybe 5% of the population, yet they too will be lost.

It does not matter what was or was not found by the prosecution. What was or was not presented. It had already been predetermined before the court case even went to trial what the decision was going to be. The ‘good ole boys’, knew prior of the decision before presenting it to the people. How evidence would be inconclusive or that it would not match up with eye-witnesses, which for some reason now are silent. Of course there were 3 autopsies that state young Mr. Brown was not shot 10 times. Why did he have to be shot the first time to begin with? When is it absolutely necessary for law enforcement to use fatal force? Not brutal; fatal. Sure there may be times, however how can a young man be deserving of that? Did he have a weapon, besides what officer stated, that young Mr. Brown, ‘tried to take his gun and use it against him’ or that young Mr. Brown, ‘was going to attack’ him.

That is easy enough for a man to say who got off scott-free without so much as an indictment for murder – even in self-defense that is quite remarkable.

I digress, this is not about what is right or wrong on the actions that occurred. There is nothing that can be done about that now. What is currently going on though, can be executed in a more effective way. There is no sense of destroying the land you have to live on. It will never be fixed. Mind you, the government officials will make sure of that. They will leave it as a reminder for the people who are standing up and saying, ‘This was a miscarriage of justice, and we want results’. They will leave it for the future generations as a testament. To this day, there are still streets in many cities that have never been fixed due to violence answering violence. It is a losing battle on both ends. There is a smarter way to fight this.

I urge you to find out where the people who did the injustice do their shopping, do their banking, where they go to church, and where they eat out. Who do they support? Who elected them into the positions they are in? Boycott the places they patronize, hit the purse strings.

Write the officials, use social media to blast the addresses to be written and who must be questioned for the answers given. Fight for the right to be heard on the media, on the internet, through boycotting those who support those who just let young Mr. Brown die without representation and justification. Do not let this continue, just do it wisely, with thought, and with actions that will get results without destroying where you lay your hat.

Appeal, take this to a higher court. Contact lawyers who will support you, who will give you the right direction to take this as far as it can go to change the current society as we see it – as we know it is. This society will never change until something happens that allows for the world to see that violence can be fought at a different level. A level of wisdom where you can beat the ‘good ole boys’ at their own game. In their purse strings: Smarter, wiser, and productive.

Be angry. Get justice. Let them hear your pain that pours the rivers of blood into the streets of years of injustice that was simply made evidently public November 24th, 2014. Do what you need to do to get the peace that is needed to move forward. If there is no justice, there is no peace; however if one can know justice they can know peace and if all else fails…

Burn baby Burn.