As the holidays are here, America prepares for what I consider one of the most commercial days of the year. Yes, I know bah humbug. It is how I feel. Every year I become more jaded to this decorated commercialism. I am no longer a child. It is what I see that makes me feel like this. I would love to wake up one year and see the reason for the season year round, instead of a few days at the end of the year where people in general are nice for maybe 3 weeks because of the elf on the shelf that might be watching over you.

Why does it take a holiday for someone to extend the hand of kindness? Not everyone is that way, so my words are not directed to them. Please don’t read into it like that. I would love for people to see what I am saying. The commercialism now starts right before all hallows eve-Halloween for those that is a new term—and continues until somewhere in the middle of January. I mean you can’t even make it to gobble- gobble day without the commercialism blaring. And the race is on. This rush, rush, rush to get the biggest house on the block full of holiday gifts without a thought of buyer’s remorse; that comes after the first credit card bill of the year.

Never mind that you already have a mountain of debt, now you own a second mountain only to have a third follow for next year. Even the gifts are not the icing on the cake. I am honestly sure, even if Christmas did not exist, there would be a holiday between the harvest and spring for retailers to expose their marketing skills that could bankrupt a small country. Yes, I am that bah-humbug person. Or well, the Grinch. I have a heart; I am just not a holiday person.

I have never understood why people who are normally curmudgeons to world year round, except for a few days a year, even bother to be nice on those days. Those are the ones that will buy you gifts and share the eggnog with you on one day a year and the ‘poof’ the next day cut you to the core with rude remarks because apparently the eggnog soured in their stomach. Better yet, the boss or co-worker/student who plays nice then the day after the 25th refuse to say boo to you. Be consistent at least and be a jerk 365/7/24. Don’t insult others intelligence by pretending for one day a year you can be minutely human.

As you can tell, I don’t like the holidays. I loathe theme. I can’t wrap my head around why we can’t just celebrate life on a daily basis. Why does it take a holiday for some to care? I generally care on a daily basis; the holidays are my polar opposite. I don’t need a holiday to wish you the best or hope you are blessed. I shun the commercialism that exploits what is not the ‘reason for the season’ and I always loved and still love Scrooge before the ghost visit him. A Christmas Carol is my absolute favorite story this time of year, The Grinch runs a close second, before he shares the pudding with the Who’s down in Whoville. Bahumbug everyone, may you be blessed every day of the year and may the season shine down on you and may you have a fruitful harvest for the whole year, not just when the elf on the shelf is watching.


Blessings be and be blessed.