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Sometimes we sit and hold on to dreams. Dreams are simply faith defined and exploded into something we hold. I have recently been picked up by a publishing house who I have constant and exceptional communication with the CEO. That is like walking on clouds in the sky and having rainbows greet you. There is this amazing feeling to know that you have people who believe in you so much, they are willing to back you. Blessings are the minor word in this situation. It is like standing upon the edge of a cliff and knowing that if you fall, there is a phoenix waiting to catch you upon that fall. That no matter what, you will have the candy store at the end.

I have been exceptionally blessed this holiday season. No matter the personal struggles that have happened there is this phoenix that rises me from the ashes to see the beautiful diamond that has yet to form. My roller coaster ride started so long ago. And now I am sitting at the top of a 500 foot drop. The g forces building beyond any control.

I am ever indebted to Harald and OSL publishing. They found me. I just wrote. Was just myself and now there is this hidden fame just waiting to be exposed. They have no idea how they made this little farm girl find her feet. They have no idea the tears that came from seeing the reviews of writing that was so hidden. This is like the golden ticket and I am Charley, just waiting for that glass elevator.

As Wonka would say, “We are the dreamers…” when Varooka stated, “snozeberry, who ever heard of a snozeberry?” See we are the dreamers, we are the dream makers. We are what the future holds onto. We are the blessings, and the hope that dreamers seek when they don’t know where to begin. We hold onto faith, we know, we know. Our blessings are small, yet our soul and spirit guide and lead. We are the dream makers, we are the voice of the voiceless.

It does not matter our station in life, it does matter our station in the universe that watches. We are responsible as artist, we are responsible as dream makers to give hope and live on that walk of faith. We are the ones that make a difference. Hold onto those dreams and know, that one day, your name will be in lights, you will be remembered and your actions spoke louder than words. That you were part of the butterfly effect on the world that people scoff at, they laugh at, they mock. You are the dream makers, you are the future of the universe, and you are faith in its walk. You make a difference in your world that makes an impact on the world that surrounds you. You can never be forgotten for your imprint on the world is non-negotiable. You matter, you are alive and you have a voice to change the world.

The dream maker, the believer, the future of the world.


Lady Aingealicia