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So the social media project is off to a slow start. I have managed to make my professional profile on Twitter…LadyAingealicia. Anyway, it is like you are navigating through this nightmare of the internet trying to figure out what will and will not work.

I am not a social person. For those who know me, they will tell you I am perfectly happy sitting behind a screen writing my life away and don’t have to come up for air unless it is to go to the bathroom or get food. That is when I surface. The thoughts of going out and having to face people is a different subject.

In some ways the internet is great for someone like me. I can hide behind a screen and just be me. Who I really am. Though my photos and writing are real, I don’t have to have the physical interaction with how to react with people. I usually react badly. I do my best to be nice and cordial. That can backfire, because my opinions and words are often taken wrong. At least with writing, I can pause and think without reacting badly.

Currently in school we have learned how to use facebook and twitter. I will have two other social media certificates soon enough. I graduate in May and am looking forward to the freedom after. That I can stay home and write to my heart’s content without a schedule going out and about. I will be able to focus on not only promoting myself, others as well. It seems people hire people to do social media work for them. I know why, it is not because they can’t do it. It is the time involved. It is draining. You have to keep on top of it. And you can’t just talk about yourself, you have to include others as well. Such as, for most, on twitter, you promote at least 10 other sites to your 5 self-promotions. I mean really, who just wants to hear about you? Are you really that interesting? I hate to break it to you, you probably are not. As much as you think you are. I know I am not.

I sit at home, between classes and write. I search my stats and just simply exist. My characters are probably the most exciting thing about me to be honest. And I am very self-centered. In my world it is all about me. However in reality, it is not all about me. There is a world out there that is about the world, you just have to live in it. So this is a rambling of sorts. I wanted to let you know how the social media experiment was going.

It is going, slow and sure it is going. Going where, I can’t tell you. The one thing as my readership goes up that I want to do is stay connected with my readers. See they are what make you grow. Your readers will make or break you. I have had a few bad reviews and let me tell you, I look at those reviews as a gold mine. The reason why is because they tell me how to improve. Not that I don’t want the good reviews. Those are always awesome.

As an artist, I see and recognize how valuable the internet is. We can reach our readers in every corner of the universe and respond to them. Allowing them to know how important they are to us. Any artist knows it is not you who makes the art work, it is your fellowship that makes the art work by word of mouth. You just have an opportunity to reach further with the internet. To find out how to tap into that gold mine is a gift. Finding that marketing is priceless. I seek that diamond in the rough with this social media world. Sure it has to be cut and create a sense of clarity, it can be done.

I am still so happy with OSL Publishing and Harald. No one could ask for a better relationship. I am blessed, truly blessed. As things move forward on this merry go round, it is up to me to keep up with the task at hand.

Look my new blog soon. It will be adult oriented so you know. Such as tips, hints, thoughts and ideas on how to make your bedroom a sensual, sexy playtime and a place of peace and quiet when needed.

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This concludes our blogcast day….