Yes, I know I repeated myself there. Though to be honest, I can’t say an absence won’t happen again. Life is funny that way you know? You get caught up in things and forget other things or items fall to the way side. It is never intentional, it just happens. I have had a few rough months with my body and as of late, the last two months to be exact, I have been working on my first full-fledged novel. That is right. I am very excited about it and what I am writing about.  

The book is only about one of my most favorite subjects in the world. The BDSM lifestyle. So my head has been in a book so to say, at least writing one. I started off with about 10,000 words and now am up to over 100,000 words. The book is taking form as one would say. I will be honest, there is a lot of work that goes into a book when you write it. Regardless if it is fact or fiction.

With a fact based book, you have to double check everything, sometimes triple check. With a fiction story, you have to have a plot, a direction, make a character list and keep a train of thought of where the book is going. I see how the writers of yesteryear got lost in the book they were writing, got moody and was barely seen when immersed. One of my friends here in Chicago has to remind me to come outside every now and then and remember there is a sun to see or stars, depending upon my sleeping patterns at the time.

So I realized today after writing about BDSM Terms, which seems to be lasting forever by the way, that I had not been on my blog lately to let anyone know what is going on. Medically, my body had a relapse from the GBS. So I was in bed for quite a few weeks. I happy to report that I am finally up and walking again every morning. It has helped a lot in my diet and I have increased water intake.

 On the book, I feel like it is never going to end. I keep wondering if the book has an end. Of course my mind knows it does. It is funny how when you have been doing things for so long, you forget the little things on a basic level. Like when you know how to run a machine you have been running for 10 years and you have to teach someone. Yes, you would like to think you remember everything, you don’t.

This book has made me slow down and realize that. I want to make sure the information is correct and that things have not changed from when I learned over 20 years ago. At least not much has changed in the BDSM world, so that is reassuring. I do have hopes for this book to help couples explore and others to open up and see what BDSM is truly about, not what has been represented in the wrong light and giving miseducation to people out there of the art of BDSM.

I am happy to say as I finish the book, I will be actually starting a blog and eventually a website on something very near and dear to me. I will be writing about Gluten free living. This will include affordable recipes, good items that are gluten free, how to eat gluten free even when you are on food stamps and have to go to the food pantries. It will be a gluten good thing. I hope you check it out. You might even surprise some of your friends about the food you can make.

Also I will be doing a BDSM blog, so if you have questions or things like that, please stop by and say hello. You might pick up some ideas or find a new fetish to explore with your lover.

Well I guess that is all for now. I have to dive back into the book and will come up for air as soon as I am done. Of course I will let you know where to find this book so if you want to read or review it, I look forward to it.

As always,