Sunday, February 8, 2009

Important message for all human life forms…Important Message to all Human Life Forms with a Mind….

To: Earthen Inhabitants
From: The World Federation of the Worlds
Concerning: Pluto

Dear Earthen Folk,

This is our first intergalactic communication with your species. We do not often interfere in your mundane, undereducated, apathetic, and complacent world or activities. Who are we to question why you are destroying your own planet? We think it is a rather nice planet. How ever while surfing your Television Selections, John Stewart came on to inform us through an interview he had on his show, that Pluto is no longer a planet. You have no idea of the chaos you have created galaxies wide, when your scientist declared Pluto is no longer good enough to be a planet. Also, it should be noted Pluto’s feelings were a little hurt to know that Earth feels they are no longer a Planet and wonder what they did wrong in the Galaxy to be removed. On that note, our Planetary manifesto log agrees with this New Mexico place, located in North America, Pluto is still considered a Planet.

Apparently in your world, it is easy to remove history so your current offspring may continue your fine example to all Planets on how to live. For us, the Soap Opera of,  ‘This is My Earth,’ is a number one show on many Planetary Channels in the Galaxy. Back to the point, we study all Planet life forms, and we find this task of removing Pluto from our role call Manifesto could present a problem as to the fact that too many species already know and recognize that is a Planet, thus you can not erase a beings mind even if you can remove the truth from your teaching tools.

We here at the World Federation of the Worlds, or WFW, here by keep Pluto as a planet for we do not have enough time to remove and replace the brains of all those who know it is a Planet, nor do we have the resources to waste finances on books that would be untruthful. Also on that note, the inhabitants of that particular Planet are around 1 million and growing. Moving all these people would cost more than what our current financial budget would allow since the current currency of all Galaxies are affected by your Financial situations, Wal-Mart, and something called Capital Hill. We feel it would not be prudent at this time to fit this into our already tight and dwindling budget. .

You would be proud to know that your Soap Opera is number one for most Galaxy surfers. A lot of them have written the show producers commenting on how grateful they are for the non-stop comedy acts preformed on a daily basis. It’s not everyday you get to see a world literally destroying itself right before your very eyes. Most species choose to change and adapt to the situations presented and stop doing what is eroding their world. I will ask Saturn and Jupiter to send their Planet Rehabilitation Programs at their earliest convenience. You should receive the package, in 8 to 10 years, will be delivered by this thing called United World Postal Service, we hear it is the most inexpensive and best way to send packages to earth. It should be a rather large package and may contain a few comets, meteorites, and asteroids along with your space trash you have left behind from the space traveling you choose to do. Most Planets clean up after themselves upon space travel. Just for a future kind reminder, please be kind, clean up after yourself once in a while.

Again, we here at the WFW, refuse to remove Pluto from our Planetary Manifesto. Good luck with that Global Warming thing. Oh, and don’t worry about the Icebergs and Glaciers on Earth, they really aren’t needed anyway. There are a few other things we should mention but this was of the utmost urgency to send as quickly as possible.

Salutations and Greetings,

The Inhabitants of Pluto