Friday, May 9, 2008

Oil, Oil, Oil and you…..

Greetings and hello to all my readers out there, yes now I have subscribers. I am very excited and very grateful for that. It means people are actually reading my blog. Woohoo! I am taking my saying back from WaMu. Life has kept me busy for the past few days, to say the least. You know, places to go, people to see, so on and so forth. However I wanted to at least update you as to what is going on and of course, give my commentary of the day. Thank you first off, to those of you who have subscribed to my blog. That is great and I hope you are enjoying what you read. I can only think you do because you have subscribed. By tomorrow you will see some new changes; for one, there will be a new link on here to the Military Online Magazine I will be writing for. They picked me up for my poetry and I am very excited. They happened to not only pick me up for my poetry, but for one of my most controversial poems. Also some stories will be moved to the proper blog. This is important because I like order. It is much easier for all if things are done in a somewhat orderly fashion. If I have time, the website will be expanded to the point that I’ll have written out what the humanitarian project is and what we are about.

Now to today’s topic….OIL…OIL…OIL…

I often sleep with the TV on. I know this is a bad habit; what is worse, I will sleep with the BBC on. I woke up to the Cyclone in Burma. That is something I am sure most of you would not like to wake up to, hearing about what is going on there. It is a terrible thing that has happened there, Mother Nature’s vengeance on people who do not deserve it. What does this have to do with oil, you may be asking? I changed the channel. I will catch up on Burma later this evening.

I changed the channel to the stock market reports, as if that is any better…Bloomberg was on. They were talking about Oil, Alaska, and the reserves. I have lived in Alaska, if you don’t already know this, now you most definitely do. There was a gentleman on, no I did not catch his name; I wanted my coffee, so I was not in the room to get his name. He was talking about how if we don’t open the reserves in Alaska for America, that 60% of our oil will not even come from our shores. This is actually an issue, as he was saying. I also agree it is an issue that we have oil here on our soil and we are not touching it because of a bill passed that will not allow us to touch it. People out there, we have our own oil, on our own soil, that is already set up, that is not being used. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The interviewer asked him about a project that is currently in the works to strike out against “Big Oil.” People going on strike against “Big Oil” nationwide, not using their cars for one day. Just one day. I know, hard to think that some would actually walk or take public transportation; after all I am sure it is beneath some of them. This gentleman stated very clearly that this would not work. I disagree. I think that if every person, even if it were only in America, decided to strike for just one day, not use their cars, not go to the pumps, use public transportation, and actually walk, “Big Oil” might notice. I don’t know enough about the oil industry, so I am not going to pretend to. I do, however, know about the power of the people and the gifts that they hold within their hands.

Even if only half of America strikes out and did this, “Big Oil” would feel it. Companies live by supply and demand. If we do not demand it, the need of supply goes down, and companies feel it. It is just like the Wally world situation. If you don’t shop there, they are affected. This would have to be everyone agreeing to boycott and sticking to it just for one day.

Oil is now over $120 a barrel. This is going to affect you, the consumer. Instead of saying you can’t do anything about it, know you can. It is called striking, standing up for your rights as consumers. I understand some cannot get to work without the car, then car pool, take one car. Last I checked, a small car can hold 2 people and a van can hold up to 9. If this man thinks for one minute that we have no control over the Companies that “control” us, he is dead wrong. That is what they said about Hoffa and his ideas of the Union. By the way, I support Unions; I myself am going to be joining a Freelancers Union.

I understand this requires organization and people actually pulling together to make this happen, but it can be done. We can call it National Oil Strike Day. Who knows, maybe other countries will join in with us. I am not saying to do it for a week, though that would be great, however that is impractical. I am saying one day, get out and walk, take public transportation if you are able, and if you are not able to take public transportation, car pool. You might even meet someone new in a car pool, on the bus, or subway. There is a way to make “Big Oil” listen, because if you don’t do it now, we are all going to pay for it later when the cost goes over $200 a barrel. They are predicting that already, so you know that those out there behind the scenes, who report things, know this is going to happen. Even if it was just the big metropolitan places like New York City and the like, it would still create a situation for “Big Oil” to listen.

By the way, I take the subway everywhere I go or walk.

Just some points to ponder for you.

Until next time,