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Friday, January 25, 2008

Guantanamo Bay’s silent protest….


The sky was cloudy as I rode on the Path Train heading to Manhattan. I was going to my first protest; my stomach was in butterflies. I imagined a scene something like the people of the 70’s who protested, rose up, and spoke out, marching through the streets. It was not, however anything like that.

On January 11th, 2008 there was a peaceful worldwide protest for the detainees of Guantanamo Bay. I was asked to go as a journalist to cover this very important protest in New York City. In the beginning, I saw that there were a handful of people and even fewer police. The protest was held across from the Supreme Court House located in Lower Manhattan’s Foley Square.

It began raining soon after I arrived. Maybe that is why people did not show up. However the rain would not compare to the waterboarding and torture that I was there to report. I can’t help but wonder if it were our fathers, sons, or brothers in Guantanamo Bay, would there have been more there?

The protest in New York City was peaceful by all means. No riots, fanfare, or marching in the streets. However there were prayers, quiet talking, and silent cries for the mass torture going on that has been swept under the rug by this current Administration for so long. New York was fortunate; there were no arrests made, however at other protest there were those who were not so lucky.

As a journalist I must report only the facts. It is very important for people to make up their own minds. What is going on in Guantanamo Bay cannot continue. There is evidence of torture and suffering. There is proof that the current Administration knows that there is torture going on there even now. In 2005 the CIA destroyed the tapes that contained evidence of torture techniques that may be being used on Guantanamo Bay detainees. There have been numerous debates on whether or not waterboarding is in fact torture. How many more must go through this before we as a nation say enough is enough? How many more must be kept in such conditions until the World stops turning a blind eye?

Sometimes peace is achieved by peace, but great leaps and bounds must be made to achieve this peace. We are not off the hook simply because this does not affect us personally. This does affect us. There are Americans being held in Guantanamo Bay. Do not be mistaken about that. There are also countless others from many different nations and lands who are being detained there without the right to a fair trial.

To think that this is not on our own soil is to think that there is not pollution in our air. If you think this cannot happen to you, look up the definition of an “enemy combatant.” If you think that this cannot take away your civil liberties, reconsider your options and how you would live in a fascist world.

With America facing a new president, can the next administration remove what has already been put into place by the current administration? Who is to say they would? Who is to say they would not? However the question that lies within is this: With all the new administration is going to face, how can they correct what the current administration has already created?

As I listened to this peaceful protest and watched what went on around me, there were more who came to stand for the tearing down or shutting down of this place called Guantanamo Bay. What can we do? This is something that many ask. There is plenty to do; call and write your Senators, Representives, and Congressmen. The people of America are the people who have employed this Administration. If you had an employee who did not perform the task assigned to them, would you keep them on the payroll?

Think about the fact of what is going on over in GuantanamoBay. If this was your family member, would you stay so silent? If you knew that evidence that was destroyed caused the Administration’s heart to panic, could this snuff out the heartbeat of a nation if they stood by and allowed this to continue? As the protest came almost full circle, the clouds produced their own form of waterboarding as if sympathizing with those detained. If one were to listen, you could hear the drummer’s cadence in tune to a heartbeat for freedom, if only for a moment.



Please contact your Senators, Congressmen, and State Representatives and I have listed the links to the offices below. Thank you.




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Friday, May 9, 2008

Oil, Oil, Oil and you…..

Greetings and hello to all my readers out there, yes now I have subscribers. I am very excited and very grateful for that. It means people are actually reading my blog. Woohoo! I am taking my saying back from WaMu. Life has kept me busy for the past few days, to say the least. You know, places to go, people to see, so on and so forth. However I wanted to at least update you as to what is going on and of course, give my commentary of the day. Thank you first off, to those of you who have subscribed to my blog. That is great and I hope you are enjoying what you read. I can only think you do because you have subscribed. By tomorrow you will see some new changes; for one, there will be a new link on here to the Military Online Magazine I will be writing for. They picked me up for my poetry and I am very excited. They happened to not only pick me up for my poetry, but for one of my most controversial poems. Also some stories will be moved to the proper blog. This is important because I like order. It is much easier for all if things are done in a somewhat orderly fashion. If I have time, the website will be expanded to the point that I’ll have written out what the humanitarian project is and what we are about.

Now to today’s topic….OIL…OIL…OIL…

I often sleep with the TV on. I know this is a bad habit; what is worse, I will sleep with the BBC on. I woke up to the Cyclone in Burma. That is something I am sure most of you would not like to wake up to, hearing about what is going on there. It is a terrible thing that has happened there, Mother Nature’s vengeance on people who do not deserve it. What does this have to do with oil, you may be asking? I changed the channel. I will catch up on Burma later this evening.

I changed the channel to the stock market reports, as if that is any better…Bloomberg was on. They were talking about Oil, Alaska, and the reserves. I have lived in Alaska, if you don’t already know this, now you most definitely do. There was a gentleman on, no I did not catch his name; I wanted my coffee, so I was not in the room to get his name. He was talking about how if we don’t open the reserves in Alaska for America, that 60% of our oil will not even come from our shores. This is actually an issue, as he was saying. I also agree it is an issue that we have oil here on our soil and we are not touching it because of a bill passed that will not allow us to touch it. People out there, we have our own oil, on our own soil, that is already set up, that is not being used. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The interviewer asked him about a project that is currently in the works to strike out against “Big Oil.” People going on strike against “Big Oil” nationwide, not using their cars for one day. Just one day. I know, hard to think that some would actually walk or take public transportation; after all I am sure it is beneath some of them. This gentleman stated very clearly that this would not work. I disagree. I think that if every person, even if it were only in America, decided to strike for just one day, not use their cars, not go to the pumps, use public transportation, and actually walk, “Big Oil” might notice. I don’t know enough about the oil industry, so I am not going to pretend to. I do, however, know about the power of the people and the gifts that they hold within their hands.

Even if only half of America strikes out and did this, “Big Oil” would feel it. Companies live by supply and demand. If we do not demand it, the need of supply goes down, and companies feel it. It is just like the Wally world situation. If you don’t shop there, they are affected. This would have to be everyone agreeing to boycott and sticking to it just for one day.

Oil is now over $120 a barrel. This is going to affect you, the consumer. Instead of saying you can’t do anything about it, know you can. It is called striking, standing up for your rights as consumers. I understand some cannot get to work without the car, then car pool, take one car. Last I checked, a small car can hold 2 people and a van can hold up to 9. If this man thinks for one minute that we have no control over the Companies that “control” us, he is dead wrong. That is what they said about Hoffa and his ideas of the Union. By the way, I support Unions; I myself am going to be joining a Freelancers Union.

I understand this requires organization and people actually pulling together to make this happen, but it can be done. We can call it National Oil Strike Day. Who knows, maybe other countries will join in with us. I am not saying to do it for a week, though that would be great, however that is impractical. I am saying one day, get out and walk, take public transportation if you are able, and if you are not able to take public transportation, car pool. You might even meet someone new in a car pool, on the bus, or subway. There is a way to make “Big Oil” listen, because if you don’t do it now, we are all going to pay for it later when the cost goes over $200 a barrel. They are predicting that already, so you know that those out there behind the scenes, who report things, know this is going to happen. Even if it was just the big metropolitan places like New York City and the like, it would still create a situation for “Big Oil” to listen.

By the way, I take the subway everywhere I go or walk.

Just some points to ponder for you.

Until next time,


So this is old, I do not want it lost

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Important message for all human life forms…Important Message to all Human Life Forms with a Mind….

To: Earthen Inhabitants
From: The World Federation of the Worlds
Concerning: Pluto

Dear Earthen Folk,

This is our first intergalactic communication with your species. We do not often interfere in your mundane, undereducated, apathetic, and complacent world or activities. Who are we to question why you are destroying your own planet? We think it is a rather nice planet. How ever while surfing your Television Selections, John Stewart came on to inform us through an interview he had on his show, that Pluto is no longer a planet. You have no idea of the chaos you have created galaxies wide, when your scientist declared Pluto is no longer good enough to be a planet. Also, it should be noted Pluto’s feelings were a little hurt to know that Earth feels they are no longer a Planet and wonder what they did wrong in the Galaxy to be removed. On that note, our Planetary manifesto log agrees with this New Mexico place, located in North America, Pluto is still considered a Planet.

Apparently in your world, it is easy to remove history so your current offspring may continue your fine example to all Planets on how to live. For us, the Soap Opera of,  ‘This is My Earth,’ is a number one show on many Planetary Channels in the Galaxy. Back to the point, we study all Planet life forms, and we find this task of removing Pluto from our role call Manifesto could present a problem as to the fact that too many species already know and recognize that is a Planet, thus you can not erase a beings mind even if you can remove the truth from your teaching tools.

We here at the World Federation of the Worlds, or WFW, here by keep Pluto as a planet for we do not have enough time to remove and replace the brains of all those who know it is a Planet, nor do we have the resources to waste finances on books that would be untruthful. Also on that note, the inhabitants of that particular Planet are around 1 million and growing. Moving all these people would cost more than what our current financial budget would allow since the current currency of all Galaxies are affected by your Financial situations, Wal-Mart, and something called Capital Hill. We feel it would not be prudent at this time to fit this into our already tight and dwindling budget. .

You would be proud to know that your Soap Opera is number one for most Galaxy surfers. A lot of them have written the show producers commenting on how grateful they are for the non-stop comedy acts preformed on a daily basis. It’s not everyday you get to see a world literally destroying itself right before your very eyes. Most species choose to change and adapt to the situations presented and stop doing what is eroding their world. I will ask Saturn and Jupiter to send their Planet Rehabilitation Programs at their earliest convenience. You should receive the package, in 8 to 10 years, will be delivered by this thing called United World Postal Service, we hear it is the most inexpensive and best way to send packages to earth. It should be a rather large package and may contain a few comets, meteorites, and asteroids along with your space trash you have left behind from the space traveling you choose to do. Most Planets clean up after themselves upon space travel. Just for a future kind reminder, please be kind, clean up after yourself once in a while.

Again, we here at the WFW, refuse to remove Pluto from our Planetary Manifesto. Good luck with that Global Warming thing. Oh, and don’t worry about the Icebergs and Glaciers on Earth, they really aren’t needed anyway. There are a few other things we should mention but this was of the utmost urgency to send as quickly as possible.

Salutations and Greetings,

The Inhabitants of Pluto

Farewell to Democracy???


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It seems that I was just having the discussion with my children, now adults in their own right, about this historic day in history and now we begin this new historic world in democracy if we can call it that for the next four years. Regardless how you felt eight long years ago, it was a historic day, even my children had to admit that to me over the phone.

Mr. Obama gave his final speech in Chicago tonight. Very fitting seeing that is where he started with a lot of his Political life. No matter how you feel about him, he has changed the prospective of the county, here in the United States and abroad. He has touched so many with his activity and his actions. From his first touch of being the first Mulatto President in office or Affirmative Action in Medical Care for so many that did not have coverage from the get go for whatever reason or other.

His talk of Faith and ignoring the color of one’s skin. Mr. Obama spoke about, “We the people, creating a more perfect union.” The key point words here, “’We’ the ‘People’, creating a more ‘Perfect Union’,” not, “‘A few of the people’,“ or “‘Only the right skin tone people’,“ the list could go on. It was not about color, though many will argue this and that is fine, that is called freedom of speech and you can find it in the 1st Amendment. I will fight to protect you as well. It was, however, about Freedom. Escaping Tyranny and finding ones way.

Now honestly this is my first Presidential farewell speech I have heard. I chose to listen to this one because I truly fear what is coming in the next four years. Mr. Obama touched on the past and how America is afforded to change. How we have had a bloody history. Yet we are defined by forward motion as he has stated. This is true.

America has had a very bloody history. However as an American, I can truly say, the American fortitude of a future is never in question by any nation. And I dare you to question that with looking at our past.

We are a strong nation. We are strong people. And eventually, once the dust has settled, no matter our differences, we come together to fight for what we hold dear. We see on a day to day basis by the people who fight every day to come to this country what this country is worth.  “We are better, we are stronger,” as Mr. Obama states.

When the crowd booed Trumps entrance in 10 days. He stated, “No, no, no…” He welcomes the new administration as the Bush administration welcomed him. He covered about the Democracy that reflects on the people.

“Understand Democracy does not require Uniformity…” Obama, “Democracy requires solidarity.”

How true this is.

Do you think that the forefathers agreed upon everything? Honestly? These were strong men. With strong opinions. Go anywhere in today’s world, throw 10 to 20 people with very strong opinions in a room together, lock them in there with a problem and stand by the door. Give it an hour, two at max where you will hear the voices travel through the door. And about two days and the dust will settle and cooler heads will prevail and come up with a strategy and agreement.

The fact that Mr. Obama will publicly support this administration is a testament to his faith. Now mind you, I am not a fan of Mr. Obama. I did not vote for him, nor did I wish to see him in office. Yet to hear what he has to say with all that is coming he has proven he is a man of dignity, confidence and belief.

As Mr. Obama moved forth, talking about how the jobs that will become obsolete because of the automation that is coming forth as a wave of the new future of life we will see. We must adjust and recognize what is being said in this speech. My own two cents here, we also much allow this new Generation to teach the older Generations on how to work with what is coming. Since it is now their world of Technology we are in. Regardless of whom made it.

The second part of this situation is how we see race. I had a friend so long ago who brought it up to me about the fact that if you stripped our skin, the largest living organism we have, we would be no different. Think about that. We would be blood and bone. Nothing else. Our eyes may be different. Our body, not so much. It would be blood, muscles, tendons, veins and sex organs.

I never grew up with the mindset that anyone was different. Regardless of color. We are the same. It is our spirit that determines whom we are not the color of our skin. It is our fortitude and will that allows us to succeed, not the privilege of melanin in our skin.  It is sad to me that others are seen differently in this world. I am personally a mix. Irish, African American, Swedish and Native American. Half of my people are still enslaved in a world of camps. No matter how anyone looks at it. Am I proud of my blood lines? Absolutely.  Without a question or doubt.

My blood is still held on reservations. My blood was second only to the African Americans even to this day and my mixed blood is still unwelcome with all nationalities that I hold proudly as a history of my genealogy. My Grandmother, who is still a big part of my world, who was first generation from Sweden is strong in what I know and believe.

My bloodlines of being of the Cherokee tribe are deep and ancient. The fact that I am black Irish with African American roots define me not only by body type, by strength as well.

“Reality has a way of catching up with you.” Obama.

Mr. Obama’s touch on Climate Change is poignant in today’s world. About the fear in America of difference reminded me of my own beliefs. I know I rarely open up to share anything about me in any of my writings. There is a fear. Not only of my mixed blood, of my faith and my beliefs.

It is a knowing of rejection, of being pigeon holed or being judged. I am not a Christian, I am Wiccan. I am proud of it as to whom I am in my own private circles. His discussion of rejecting Muslim’s being judged I understand personally. As a bi-sexual Woman, it can and is looked down upon.

I cannot tell you how proud I was of my now adults, supporting the LGBT community. Because I, myself am part of that community. I am proud of it. And in no way shape or form should anyone of that community be a hidden part of America.

“All of us, regardless of party, should be throwing themselves into Democracy…” Obama, “None of this happens on its own. All of this depends upon participation… Our constitution is a remarkable gift. It is really only a piece of parchment. We the people give it power.”

As he ended he called upon the first president. How true these words ring of President Washington and our role in Democracy. It falls to each person who has the right and the privilege to change the current status quo of what is happening. No matter if it is in student council or public office we are the change.

How we act, what we do.

“If you are tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try talking to one of them in real life.” Obama, “Show up, dive in, stay at it.”

We have a responsibility to this country, which includes me. We must change the status quo for this world. What I will take from this farewell is, “What can you do to change the world.”

For me, I can write. Unabashed, unrequited and uncensored. Many may not care what I say, however for those who can relate, I will use my gift to write.

What is your gift to give to others?

And no, I do not support Trump. I will respect him and his place, I will never call him President. He does not represent me in his gilded Trump Tower with his illegal wife. Just like he does not represent well over two million people who voted. Yet, once again, history will be made on the 20th of this month. And in hindsight, we must respect that. (Even if it will be Putin first, Trump second and the lies that are told on Twitter.)

For what the future holds, I do not believe Mr. Obama or any other can tell. We will find out soon enough. It is the power of your voice that holds and defines what will be of the future, not only for us, as Americans, but for the world. We determine what will be. What is and what we hold true.

Use the Social Media you have in your hands as a future, as a placement in history and in your own lives as an example of what should be, not what is.

You are the future and as Mr. Obama says, “Yes we can.”

I shall put away the soapbox for now, and as always, thank you for taking this blog break with me. We are the future, as bleak or as strong as you feel it may be. We are the voice that comes from beyond. We are the anthem of the American Spirit.

This Blog break is brought to you by the United States 1st Amendment of the Constitution and the free thoughts of a Writer/Journalist in America.



We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Amendment I (1791)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.







New Generations…


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Lately, as you know, if you have been following me on my writing or my blog, tweets or whatever other social media world my name lives on, you know I have not been writing much. Some of it is due to my recovery from a second bought of GBS and the other is that I have been working as a proofreader to pay the bills, at least until I finish my BDSM book and learn how to self-publish. Now granted, I will not talk or represent my publisher in a bad light, I am still very happy with them. However if you ask me about that book monger, Amazon, that would be a very different story.

As my Gram would tell me, “It is easier to catch a fly with honey rather than vinegar.” Honestly, concerning Amazon, the giant mogul of the book world, only cares about profits, not freelance artist. So really, they fit right in with Wall Street and all that that financial world has to offer. I am okay with that, yet I will have to figure out how to handle the Amazon dilemma later…

Honestly, Amazon is not why you stopped by, I am aware. I just wanted you to know where I have been for the last half a year or so. Now back to the actual reason for this post, yes, Millennials. (I will apologize now for using the term, ‘Millennial’ I know that most do not like that term and I am sure it makes you cringe. However, to remind you, that is what this post is about.)

With the proofreading, I get to learn a lot, including new terms of our daily society. One of the more used terms, for a short period, was the term, ‘Millennial,’ needless to say, this Generation X-er had to figure out, or at least find out what the term meant. The first time I heard the term, I was sure it was something new, like a car. Not so much so. It actually was used in a book that was written in the 90’s by two gentlemen, Neil Howe and William Strauss who wrote Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069. According to them, the ‘Millennials,’ are born between 1982 to 2004.

Though I will say, in my research it shows me a few different areas that the term is being filtered into the lexicon of the day. Now, honestly for me, I do not fancy the term, ‘Millennial,’ perhaps it is because it is a new word that I actually have to learn how to spell and spelling is not one of my strong suits, never has been.

There honestly is something about the term that rubs me wrong, like sandpaper across my bare nipples. I guess because I have always known them as Generation Y. The Y bother generation, or at least that applies to most of them that I know on a personal level. I even had two Generation Y-er’s that were my roommates in Jersey and NYC. Let’s just say, neither of them are in my life anymore. I won’t get into why, I however will say I wish them well on their journey and way in life for them. Now I am not saying Generation X is any less annoying to those who know us.

We are annoying. Products mostly of the Vietnam, baby boomer generation that included hippies somewhere in there. We saw what the military conflict of Vietnam did to our parents and those on the Home front and other countries. What our parents went through. And what the need of the Volvo, suit and tie, white picket fence, a marriage and 2 and 1/3rd children on the expectation list that was created.

By the way, side note, where did the census come up with that 1/3rd of a child? And if you have a 1/3rd of a child hidden in your basement, attic or even a spare room, please share your experience with the group and what part of this unique child you have. Please share with the class, inquiring minds want to know.

Yes, back to where I was, the ’Millennials,’ or  at least the term. Even when I spoke to one of the ‘Millennials,’ her response, in a very uppity, haughty way was not only the look of, “Really old woman, you cannot be that behind the times.” She also stated the term had been used for a long time. Personally I don’t think something that has just begun to be a term, that has really only been used on a regular basis for the last 4 to 5 years, is a long time. Then again, I don’t see time in the Tweeting frame of mind either. So this term, at least to me, is still in the Tweeting timeframe. Granted the micro-blog will move it off the page soon and it will be a thought of as yesterday’s news.

Now, I am sure a few of you are saying, “Wait, wasn’t the term coined back in the 90’s?” Why yes, yes it was. That however does not mean it had become an everyday word used in societies main stream verbiage. As I was proofreading it and actually had look up the spelling of this new word; only because spellcheck had that bright red line underneath it, like a pimple that needs to pop, I had to re-listen and re-read the word. I honestly was not sure it was even a word for one, for two, I thought it was a new type of car. That should tell you how often I had heard it before then.

Now on some of the sites, they can be rather cruel in saying the new ‘Millennials,’ are lazy, narcissistic, ego-centric and don’t care, unless it will benefit them in one way or another. And don’t you dare ask them not to bring their cell phone to work, ‘gasp,’ let alone not have access to it during work hours. That they live on the gadgets that society now cannot seem to live without. That they have no motivation, they feel that they are owed everything and of course, they believe they are smarter than the average bear. This is what some sites say. I say, isn’t that every new generation to a point? (Minus of course the electrical gadgets.)

Other sites in my research shows that they are very business centric, computer savvy and goal oriented. More so than many other generations before them. That either they really believe in a form of a God, be it the Christian God or Wiccan, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse… Well you get the idea there. Or they do not believe in a form of a God. They have a stronger sense of non-judgment, acceptance and tolerance.

They might even have recycled and are wearing those rose colored glasses so many of us from Generation X threw away. Mind you if this is true the ’Millennials,’ had to dig them out of the regular garbage with all the coffee grounds, banana peels and egg shells, because we sure the hell were not going to recycle those glasses that lie. And they most certainly are not retro enough to keep or sell.

This generation of ‘Millennials,’ does not even have a definitive time line that they were born, or should I say the media has not decided in stone the years that this generation was born. Was it in the late 70’s? Or was it in the early 80’s. I will say, the one thing that my research has shown, is there is a definite end time for the ‘Millennials.’ It is 2000 – 2002.

Seems that the generation that has been born in 2002 and beyond do not quite have a name yet. Or if they do, it has not been media approved yet, so of course it does not exist until then.

I want to say for those of us born after the 70’s and beyond, the reality is, you can label us all you want. That label does not, in any way, shape or form define who we are. We are individuals that were born in a certain timeframe, not a title. And this includes the ‘Millennials,’ or ‘Generation Y.’ Society cannot define who or what we are, we do that on our own, as individuals with a background of living in and on the Matrix since we can remember.

Granted, the ‘Millennials,’ have one up on Generation X on that. Only because the technology, though we did not create it, we improved it and watched as it became globally available. And because of that, the ‘Millennial’s,’ now have all that our Generation made sure to create and help place on a global scale. Imagine the future generations that seem to have it handed to them from the time they come out of the womb.

Now that I have gone round and round about ‘Millennials,’ I also want to add, for the most part, they came from Generation X. They, for the most part, they are our children that we have raised. I know that both of my, now adults, were born in 1992 and 1995.

As a mother, I can tell you my adults are most certainly far more advanced in computer technology, acceptance, tolerance, support, achieving goals, preparing for the future and being more self-aware than any generation I know. They do not believe everything you, or anyone for that matter, will tell them is the truth. Or maybe that is just my adults, though I don’t think so. Granted, as they were growing up, because of who I am, I always told them, “Question everything and everyone.” I also was very aware of the lies the Government, my family and others had told me. So for me, it was important they understood from a young age, “Question. Question everything.”

For my readers out there, thanks for stopping by and for those, ‘Millennials,’ out there who just wanted to see what one of the Generation X-ers have to say about your generation in all this hubbub and media frenzy. Don’t worry, most of us from Generation X didn’t like the title either, and for the most part, to use the term Gen X is just rude. The reality is, Generation X does not even get a name; we are a letter of the alphabet. You however, the ‘Millennials,’ at least sound like a fancy, cutting edge, high-priced, state of the art vehicle that most of us will never be able to afford.

With that being said, I will pull my soap box back in on the A Train and move on to the next station as this concludes our broadcast day. Oh, and for those who want to know. I did take the millennial test and I scored an 83. Hmmm….

Oh, yes, links, links, links…

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Sorry about the absence…

Yes, I know I repeated myself there. Though to be honest, I can’t say an absence won’t happen again. Life is funny that way you know? You get caught up in things and forget other things or items fall to the way side. It is never intentional, it just happens. I have had a few rough months with my body and as of late, the last two months to be exact, I have been working on my first full-fledged novel. That is right. I am very excited about it and what I am writing about.  

The book is only about one of my most favorite subjects in the world. The BDSM lifestyle. So my head has been in a book so to say, at least writing one. I started off with about 10,000 words and now am up to over 100,000 words. The book is taking form as one would say. I will be honest, there is a lot of work that goes into a book when you write it. Regardless if it is fact or fiction.

With a fact based book, you have to double check everything, sometimes triple check. With a fiction story, you have to have a plot, a direction, make a character list and keep a train of thought of where the book is going. I see how the writers of yesteryear got lost in the book they were writing, got moody and was barely seen when immersed. One of my friends here in Chicago has to remind me to come outside every now and then and remember there is a sun to see or stars, depending upon my sleeping patterns at the time.

So I realized today after writing about BDSM Terms, which seems to be lasting forever by the way, that I had not been on my blog lately to let anyone know what is going on. Medically, my body had a relapse from the GBS. So I was in bed for quite a few weeks. I happy to report that I am finally up and walking again every morning. It has helped a lot in my diet and I have increased water intake.

 On the book, I feel like it is never going to end. I keep wondering if the book has an end. Of course my mind knows it does. It is funny how when you have been doing things for so long, you forget the little things on a basic level. Like when you know how to run a machine you have been running for 10 years and you have to teach someone. Yes, you would like to think you remember everything, you don’t.

This book has made me slow down and realize that. I want to make sure the information is correct and that things have not changed from when I learned over 20 years ago. At least not much has changed in the BDSM world, so that is reassuring. I do have hopes for this book to help couples explore and others to open up and see what BDSM is truly about, not what has been represented in the wrong light and giving miseducation to people out there of the art of BDSM.

I am happy to say as I finish the book, I will be actually starting a blog and eventually a website on something very near and dear to me. I will be writing about Gluten free living. This will include affordable recipes, good items that are gluten free, how to eat gluten free even when you are on food stamps and have to go to the food pantries. It will be a gluten good thing. I hope you check it out. You might even surprise some of your friends about the food you can make.

Also I will be doing a BDSM blog, so if you have questions or things like that, please stop by and say hello. You might pick up some ideas or find a new fetish to explore with your lover.

Well I guess that is all for now. I have to dive back into the book and will come up for air as soon as I am done. Of course I will let you know where to find this book so if you want to read or review it, I look forward to it.

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Another Black Eye for the BDSM World…


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So to begin with, you may find my words controversial. I am used to that, I tend to say things that will make a person go hummmm. I am warning you prior to reading my blog today because of the fact I get the feeling either people will or agree or won’t agree. I ask as you read this, remember this is my opinion, you are entitled to your opinion just as I am mine as long as that 1st Amendment Right is still in play. That being said, for my readers out there, you already know this may stir a bit of controversy. Good, it will get people talking.

Today, 2/23/15 it was brought to the attention here in Chicago of a situation that happened at UIC, the University of Illinois at Chicago; that a young man acted out a scene from that ever popular book/movie that I shall not name. I choose not to name it because I do not support the book or the movie. I have never read it and have no intention to do so. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and a black mark on my lifestyle. This is my lifestyle, the BDSM world. I make no bones about that. I am not ashamed of it or try to hide it. I do however respect the unwritten rules of the lifestyle and how they are played. I also respect the people who are in this lifestyle.

Granted, I am not saying the boy is completely guilty in this case, nor is he innocent. When the young lady insisted that she was not okay with the situation, he should have stopped. Period, point blank. One may argue and say, ‘Stop/ means ‘Go’ and ‘No’ means ‘Yes’ in this world. And with those who practice this lifestyle, this is true. Mind you, for a novice who has not learned the ropes so to say, it does not. This is a serious situation where not only is a person’s body at stake, so is their mind.

Myself, I was educated and continue to become educated in this lifestyle. It is important for myself to know my limits as a Dominant and my slave or submissive limits at the time. Those limits are to be respected. Granted most will say a slave does not have rights if you are in our world, however a Dominant always knows when to push and when to back off without destroying the mentality of the person in that role.

The BDSM lifestyle is not about beating someone black and blue or rape, though there are situations where that is wanted by both parties. There is no question in that. Does it make it right? Depends upon the person you ask. A person from the outside who does not understand the world, would say it is sick. A person who is living in the world would say, if we are consenting adults, it is our right to choose. I am not saying it is okay to do any of these actions in the BDSM world/lifestyle without the parties involved agreeing to the terms prior to play. The reality is a relationship in the BDSM world must be respected by all parties involved. It is not about hurting your partner or destroying their spirit, there is a form of love there. If you do not practice this lifestyle, it is very hard to explain that statement, those who do practice completely understand that statement.

What this boy did was wrong, no doubt. What started off as an experimentation between two consenting adults became a court case and 2 lives that will forever be impacted by the actions that went too far because of a movie/book that an artist did not think about how people would react, rather a paycheck and fame. I have always said as artist we are responsible for what we put out there. That includes the actions that we cause. When I write my erotica, I think about how this may affect someone. When I write my BDSM stories, I always dig deep and remember the steps that are needed for both parties to play safe, sane and consensual . This includes, build up, mind set and after care.

If I would not do it with a slave/submissive in real time, I will not write about it. I love my world and the people who play in it. Most are not who you think they might be. Most are fully educated about the lifestyle if they are serious about it. There are a lot who live it on a day to day basis. It is not a book nor is it a game. It is a reality. We do not like to see this happen in our already misunderstood lifestyle. We don’t like to see people hurt to the point there is permanent damage, or at least I don’t.

Right now, Chicago seems to be the first place that this has happened, perhaps it is the first place where it has been reported. The reality is, I do not feel it will be the last. That is a shame, as much as an artist is responsible for their work, mind you people also responsible for their actions. You can not blame an artist for what you do and think it is okay to do so, however some responsibility does have to fall back on the imagination process and how it was woken up.

I will never support this book nor the artist who wrote it, I do not agree with what happened between this young man and woman. I support safe, sane and consensual play between the parties involved. I also encourage if you choose to participate in this lifestyle, be mindful and educate yourself, no matter what side you are on, Dominant or submissive/slave. Understand what you are getting into and always, always have an open communication and a safe word where allowed.

Please be mindful in your comments and respectful as this has been my opinion based off living this lifestyle since I was 17.

This concludes our blogcast day.


Social Media Continued


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So the social media project is off to a slow start. I have managed to make my professional profile on Twitter…LadyAingealicia. Anyway, it is like you are navigating through this nightmare of the internet trying to figure out what will and will not work.

I am not a social person. For those who know me, they will tell you I am perfectly happy sitting behind a screen writing my life away and don’t have to come up for air unless it is to go to the bathroom or get food. That is when I surface. The thoughts of going out and having to face people is a different subject.

In some ways the internet is great for someone like me. I can hide behind a screen and just be me. Who I really am. Though my photos and writing are real, I don’t have to have the physical interaction with how to react with people. I usually react badly. I do my best to be nice and cordial. That can backfire, because my opinions and words are often taken wrong. At least with writing, I can pause and think without reacting badly.

Currently in school we have learned how to use facebook and twitter. I will have two other social media certificates soon enough. I graduate in May and am looking forward to the freedom after. That I can stay home and write to my heart’s content without a schedule going out and about. I will be able to focus on not only promoting myself, others as well. It seems people hire people to do social media work for them. I know why, it is not because they can’t do it. It is the time involved. It is draining. You have to keep on top of it. And you can’t just talk about yourself, you have to include others as well. Such as, for most, on twitter, you promote at least 10 other sites to your 5 self-promotions. I mean really, who just wants to hear about you? Are you really that interesting? I hate to break it to you, you probably are not. As much as you think you are. I know I am not.

I sit at home, between classes and write. I search my stats and just simply exist. My characters are probably the most exciting thing about me to be honest. And I am very self-centered. In my world it is all about me. However in reality, it is not all about me. There is a world out there that is about the world, you just have to live in it. So this is a rambling of sorts. I wanted to let you know how the social media experiment was going.

It is going, slow and sure it is going. Going where, I can’t tell you. The one thing as my readership goes up that I want to do is stay connected with my readers. See they are what make you grow. Your readers will make or break you. I have had a few bad reviews and let me tell you, I look at those reviews as a gold mine. The reason why is because they tell me how to improve. Not that I don’t want the good reviews. Those are always awesome.

As an artist, I see and recognize how valuable the internet is. We can reach our readers in every corner of the universe and respond to them. Allowing them to know how important they are to us. Any artist knows it is not you who makes the art work, it is your fellowship that makes the art work by word of mouth. You just have an opportunity to reach further with the internet. To find out how to tap into that gold mine is a gift. Finding that marketing is priceless. I seek that diamond in the rough with this social media world. Sure it has to be cut and create a sense of clarity, it can be done.

I am still so happy with OSL Publishing and Harald. No one could ask for a better relationship. I am blessed, truly blessed. As things move forward on this merry go round, it is up to me to keep up with the task at hand.

Look my new blog soon. It will be adult oriented so you know. Such as tips, hints, thoughts and ideas on how to make your bedroom a sensual, sexy playtime and a place of peace and quiet when needed.

Check out the new books on Amazon please. amazon.com/author/ladyaingealicia

This concludes our blogcast day….